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What Good Is Talking About A Problem

If You Don’t Actually Resolve It?


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Relationship Counseling

Relationships tend to be one of the most challenging aspects of life that we all face.  Many people struggle trying to adapt to their partners ways and blending two lives together can often be…difficult.

The good news is that we’re here to help.  Many couples that come in here can completely transform their relationship within about 90 days! Our proven method to understand human behavior has such a dynamic approach that people often leave the session feeling refreshed, like a heavy weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

Anxiety - Depression

If you feel like your mind has taken control of you then it’s easy to feel powerless in the attempts to control your life. This is why it’s so important to. . . learn how to not only take charge of  your thoughts but also discipline your habitual thinking patterns so that your mind is constantly searching for solutions instead of problems.


We’ve all felt that surge of pressure when someone wrongs us. It’s important to stand up for ourselves and enforce boundaries but when WE become the person that crosses the line then. . . the responsibility is ours to not only take charge of our emotions but to control our behavior towards others.


Fortunately we have a solution. . . meeting one on one with a trained specialist can help identify the root of the problem and also eliminate any unnecessary baggage you may be holding onto from the past.

93% of our clients notice an improvement after their first session!

It's like a psychological detox!
Immediately I felt a lot better after my first session.

Nuoomy I

Las Vegas, NV

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We are specialists in the field of psychological & behavioral change.

I have seen a lot of therapists, psychologists, counselors, and psychiatrists throughout my life. None of them have been nearly as effective as Self Help

Patrick V.

What is a Crystal Light Bed?

It’s like a charging station for your body

Just like your phone or laptop runs out of power and needs to be recharged, the cells in your body can also be charged so that they are operating at optimal levels.

This leads to an increase in self control, a feeling of calmness, no doubt, no fear, no worry….

It’s like a reset for the body that helps you get back into balance.

Who We Are & What We Do

For the past decade, Self Help has been the Industry Leader in the field of Psychological and Behavioral change. Started in 2009 by our Founder, Armando Perez, he wanted to offer something that seemed so elusive in the traditional field of psychotherapy…Results.

What good is talking about a problem if you don’t actually resolve it? The work we do here is drastically different than the traditional psycho therapeutic model (often referred to as talk therapy).

Here, rather than focus on surface level issues we will follow the trail of the emotion/behavior to where it first began in your life.

Whether it began recently or years ago, the issue you are currently facing began somewhere, triggered by something.

This is the “root of the problem” and the continual feeling or thinking pattern that follows is the conditioning of your nervous system to continue following the same destructive pattern. Whether it be Anxiety, Depression, Anger or a pattern that affects your Relationship.

This is where we begin on Day One.

You’ve basically been “Hard Wired” to Think, Feel and Act the way you do today based on these old outdated programs.

The work we do here is simply like an Update to the Operating System.
Just like your phone or computer, if the system becomes overloaded at some point you must delete some old files, clear the cache, empty the cookies, update the programming and reboot the system.

That’s exactly what we offer here in a private, personable and truly engaging manner. Your practitioner is not only your confidant, they are your coach, your guide on this journey of discovery helping you navigate the road of life through all the twists and turns and helping to shine the light onto a brighter future.

Our Approach

We utilize a discipline called RESULTS Therapy™ – this is a flexible set of specialized tools to not only help you understand human behavior but also change it.

Our main approach focuses on Neurobiology which is simply how our brain signals affect our thoughts/feelings. Over time, the same continual feeling or thinking process will eventually create an emotional or behavioral pattern that can either be productive or destructive to your life.

“It's like a psychological detox. Immediately I felt a lot better after my first session”

Nuoomy I. 

“I have seen a lot of therapists, psychologists, councelors, and psychiatrists throughout my life. None of them have been nearly as effective as Self Help”

Patrick V.

“I've gone to counseling in the past for anxiety and relationships but it was never as eye opening as my sessions were coming in here”

Jennifer L.

I would highly recommend coming to Self-Help LA for marriage counseling and personal therapy. My husband and I initially came in to help save our marriage and we found that it is also helping us as individuals.

Elizabeth Rios Perkins

We are thankful that we decided to give it a try, it's been truly life changing!

Betty W