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RESULTS Therapy focuses on the following principles

  • Creating a baseline of certainty
  • Understanding your past/present/future paradigm
  • Controlling your mind and taking control of your biochemistry
  • Recognizing the problem and resolving it
  • Learning how to spend 10% of the time on the problem and 90% on the solution

93% of clients have noticed an improvement after their first session. Unlike traditional therapy, RESULTS are focused on the end-result, not just the process. This means that the therapy is fine-tuned to your own needs.

Most focus-issues of RESULTS therapy are resolved within the first 90 days. RESULTS Therapy can mean just one season. For many clients, it takes only one session to begin to see the important and valuable process of RESULTS Therapy. Give us a call, email, or chat now to learn more about how you can get started and change your life.

To begin to change we must first realize the source of our problems. Change must come from a profound understanding of the problem at hand. The brain is not a passive entity in our lives, it ebbs and flows and learns behaviors. Over time, the brain begins to follow patterns. These patterns, if negative, can have a detrimental impact on our day to day lives. RESULTS Therapy will help you identify the processes that your brain has been using and help develop new processes that can drastically help find solutions to problems that you may face every day.

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Relationship Issues


Life Transitions


Emotional/Behavioral Changes

Quit Smoking

Drug/Alcohol Abuse

Panic Attacks

Nail Biting

Physical Ailments within the body

Pain Reduction


All of this is done naturally with no medication, no lotions or potions just your good old fashioned mind.

"Every human being is the creator of his own health or disease"

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Relationship Counseling
Emotional Behavior Changes
Career Transitions
Life Coaching

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