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Meet Our Team

In Person Availaility:

Rafael Lopez – Downey

Rafael discovered at a young age a deep passion for helping create lasting change in people’s lives, helping them achieve better health through massage therapy. During this time he began to discover the need to deepen his own knowledge and grow into the most expanded version of himself body, mind, and soul. 


As a  Certified Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Time Dynamics, and Spiral Somatic’s Practitioner, he was able to create a thriving practice that co-creates long lasting change as a life coach that goes far beyond the physical with his clients and students. His work has expanded over the years into becoming a Relationship and Dating Coach, Marriage peer Counselor and Kambo practitioner. Rafael has been a keynote speaker at several Love Conferences throughout the US and has been a guest expert on several podcasts. 


With over 30+ years of education and experience in these fields, he brings his passion to Self Help LA, offering private sessions, workshops for couples and singles to deepen their relationships with themselves and others at a whole new level. He loves to share his years of education and personal experience in hopes of them leaving their sessions, workshops and classes with real-world, applicable, and newfound skills that can carry over to every part of their lives, creating a new way of “being” verses “doing”.


Jasmine G.

Absolutely amazing experience so far, thank you Rafael for guiding me every step of the way, I’ve had nothing but great results dealing with my anxiety, I look forward to continuing my therapy with her and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for guidance.

Dr. Leticia Montiel - Downey and Santa Ana

Dr. Leticia Montiel - Downey and Santa Ana


Dr. Leticia has been a student and practitioner of Hypnosis, Alternative Medicine, Spirituality, Shamanism, Metaphysics, NLP, EFT, and aspects of the Mind-Body-Soul connection for over three decades.

Among other things, Leticia is a bilingual, (Spanish) charismatic visionary, Holistic Life Coach, therapist, Energy healer, teacher, artist, designer, and producer.

Her mission is to help children and adults reach their potential through professionally supported, one-on-one sessions and group workshops that create a measurable impact on people.

  • In 1991 after completing years of extensive research and rigorous academic requirements she became the first Mexican woman to earn the prestigious Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy Degree from the renowned “American Institute of Hypnotherapy.” The only educational body in the country licensed to offer such prestigious title
  • She held the position of Resource Center Director for the American Institute of Hypnotherapy for 13 years.
  • In 2011 she updated her skills and training to re-certify her credentials as an NLP Trainer and other modalities such as TIME Techniques™, EFT and Life Coach
  • After attending a two-year apprenticeship training from the Peruvian Shamanic tradition under the guidance of THOTH Doctor Leticia is now (2012) a Certified Shamanic Practitioner.
  • Dr. Leticia earned a Certified Spiritual Counselor certification from the prestigious American Board of Hypnotherapy in 1996, again being the first Mexican woman to earn such certifications in this country.


  • Dr. Leticia has trained extensively in Past Life Regression, TIME Techniques™, Applied Kinesiology, Science of Mind I & II, Iridology and Hypno-anesthesiology.
Jimmy V.

 Thank you Self Help and Especially Leticia! This truly is a great place! Never thought I would go to therapy but this place has really helped me mentally and i have learned to always put any situation life throws at me to be positive and take it day by day 🙂
Leticia is so kind and finds solutions to what may be bothering me and guides me to a better version of myself that I didn’t know I had in me! 

Tara Cridland

Tara’s main passion is working with people, guiding them into trusting their bodies, healing deep belief systems, rewriting their stories in spirituality, self love, and sexuality. She has witnessed time and again her clients experience profound changes when saying yes to this journey.

With over 23 years of experience and education as a certified Guided Energy Medicine  Practitioner, Spiritual Guide and Coach, Sex, Love and Relationship Coach, Massage Therapist and Instructor, Birth Doula, Holistic Nutrition Coach, and Yoga Instructor; Tara custom blends these modalities with her spiritual abilities to co-create a fully integrated approach facilitating a truly transformational experience.

Tara encourages her clients to recognize just how powerful they are as creators. She offers them the information and tools they need on their journeys to practice connecting to their innate intuition. This empowers her client how to find their own answers, moving through life with confidence, ease, more joy, and the knowledge of just how capable they really are.  

Her work includes private sessions, group programs, classes and workshops.