Relationship Coaching Course 

“No Relationship Is All Sunshine, But Two People Can Share One Umbrella And Survive The Storm”

Being in a relationship might not look like the “Happily Ever After” you were hoping for. Things may be “just OK.” 

You may even experience more distance, more conflict and more pain.

But it can be so much better!

We all grew up with differing experiences in life, and problems arise when we don’t see beyond our own story.

But imagine if you could start to:

Communicate Openly

Rebuild Trust

Offer the Right kind of support

Love, and Feel Loved

Have more FUN together

If that sounds good to you then we would like to invite you to Come Join our Relationship Coaching Course Today!

What is different about this course??

The purpose of this course is to go beyond the individual 1 on 1 sessions and take you into a deeper understanding of relationship challenges, relationship goals, and what truly works for couples that are already succeeding at what you are trying to resolve.


Instead of using the 1 on 1 coaching dynamic (what you are used to in individual sessions) we will be using the group dynamic in order for you to learn what works and what doesn’t work from other couples that are facing similar challenges and/or who are already succeeding at the same things you are attempting to change in your relationship.



So this is a group course comprised of couples only where you have an opportunity to learn these ways:

Man to Man

Woman to Woman

Couple to Couple

The benefit of this is that you get to ask questions directly to OTHER men/women that are going through Exactly what you’re going through.

You can hear from someone that’s been married for 20 years and find strategies that work

You can learn from couples that have been divorced and learn what doesn’t work!

Remember, you may be doing something Really good in your relationship that’s really easy for you

while at the same time someone else is struggling to get there. 

Help them!  Teach them! 

Explain Why it’s so easy for you or what belief you must have in order to make that work

This is an opportunity for you to have a peer group to lean on in addition to your 1 on 1 sessions

This course will last for 90 days and will meet twice a month

We’ll touch on topics and principles from relationship and psychology authorities:

Identifying Conflict & Coping Styles

Approaches to Meeting Each Others Needs

Discovering Unconscious Triggers 

And so much more!!!

We’ll work on how to recognize differing needs, find balance and harmony, and to “use all the tools in our toolbox” to solve problems. 

When you learn the different methods we adopt to get our needs met in life, you’ll be able to recognize these drivers in yourself and your partner.

AND have more insight into how to fit the puzzle pieces together.

Our group coaching course will begin mid July and continue for 90 days

Admission is Only $450 per person

Click on this link to go register your spot ASAP!


I’ve been coming here with my partner for less than a month and we have already made some drastic changes to our relationship and everyday life is becoming so much more pleasant.  You guys are amazing, thank you so much for your help! Jennifer O.

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