Why I started Self Help 

At this point I’m hoping you’re starting to get a better feel for the type of work we do here and why people not only get excited about coming in, they also stay committed to coming back!

I want to share something very personal with you.

See, a lot of people don’t know the truth behind why we do what we do.  You have your scenario which is compelling you to come in, the practitioners have their story about what drives them to show up every day ready to kick ass like a psychological ninja!  And I have my story about why I started all of this in the first place.

This is also part of the reason why I chose Downey as our first location, because I grew up in that area.  My mom lived in Downey for years and my little sister graduated from one of the high schools there too.
I wanted to help the same people that I saw struggling as I was growing up. 

Early on, when I was stuck in my old story of how life sucked and nothing would ever work and it’s not my fault… blah, blah, blah.  I felt so lost, confused and stuck in my old ways that I thought there was no way out.  I never knew a place like this existed, actually it didn’t exist…so I created one.

It’s called Self Help and you can watch this video as I share a quick story about how this all got started.

I want you to know something about where you are today, you see life is cyclical much like the seasons. So, if you happen to be in a ‘Winter’ it may feel dark, cold or alone.  But remember that is only temporary and we all know what comes after Winter…Spring!

The clouds part, the sun begins to shine again, flowers start to bloom and you’re able to breathe deep again because you know things are about to get better.

So no matter what ‘Season of life’ you are currently in remember this, 

it’s only temporary, the season will change, things will get better and we can help you.

I am very happy to have gone to Self Help.. it took me a while to decide if I should make the call, but I did and now I am very grateful to have gone. Self Help helped me find myself all over again… thank you for all your help.. I am truly grateful.

Areli P.