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Wes Lucus, MHt, MNLP, MTD has coached couples and individuals around the United States and Canada to help them overcome negative emotions, improve communication, and become their best selves. He has conducted trainings and workshops, and consulted for several businesses in the areas of growth, sales, motivation, and team building.


Nancy specializes in helping individuals and couples overcome emotional, mental, behavioral and health challenges. She provides tools and effective techniques to help individuals achieve rapid and permanent results. She guides couples to drastically improve their communication skills, heal from emotional wounds, and understand each other on a deeper level which leads to a higher emotional connection.


Ho’oponopono Practioner, L.P.D.G, has guided individuals and couples back to experiencing balance, certainty and peace within their daily lives. He focuses on helping clients not only through their current issue, be it relationships, anxiety, trust, anger, depression but also teaches the lifelong tools that help create a solid foundation. Tools designed specifically to meet the individual’s personal needs and highest values, encouraging one to become the best version of their authentic self.

Rafael Downey

Rafael is a certified master NLP practitioner who assists individuals and couples to overcome any obstacles that are present and holding you from whatever it is you desire. He directs you to the best path in connecting with yourself and others; as well as, creates the most optimal plan to your success. Working with couples to rekindle their love, helping single people to overcome their anxiety and fear, working with families to communicate on a much deeper level to bring them together.

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