Crystal Light Bed 

“Its like a bath for your soul”

What is a Crystal Light Bed?

Crystal light bed therapy involves a person lying on a massage table while crystals are suspended above through an intricate hand made system that delivers very unique frequencies in order to re-align the cells in the body.

There are seven crystals, and each one is aligned above the body’s seven energy centers. A standard light bed session lasts between 20 to 45 minutes.

A person can get a crystal bed light session every day if necessary. People who are in good health will typically get a crystal bed light therapy session for 40 minutes. However, those who are not in good health will typically need to limit their sessions to 20 to 40 minutes. Once a person has gotten adjusted to the therapy, he or she can increase the length of the sessions.

I wasnt really sure what to expect but I came out of it feeling so relaxed and fresh! It was an unrecognizable feeling of pure calmness. I cannot wait for my next session! Ashley A.

How Does It Work?

The Crystal Light Bed is a powerful mixture of full spectrum light, color, and crystal emanation that positively influences the body, tissues, cells, organs, skin, mind, and spirit in order to stimulate healing.

Crystals have some of the highest molecular orderliness found in nature and any light passing through a crystal will resonate with the structured patterns of that crystal.

Thus, one explanation for the health-giving effects of the Crystal Light Bed is that the well organized vibration resonating through the crystals helps reorganize the water in our tissues and cells and allows the body to restore itself to its natural healing capabilities.


  • Sound – Binaural Beats that balance left and right brain hemispere
  • Color – Chromotherapy is the use of the colors for therapeutic rehabilitiation
  • Full Spectrum Light – Deep Red and Far Red super bright LED’s 640nm- 780nm
  • Magnetic – Gentle flow frequency pulses, equivalent to those found in nature
  • Vibration – Transducers underneath bed that vibrate with music
  • PEMF – Gentle low frequency pulses, equivalent to those found in nature
  • Scalar – The intention you bring to the session
They turn on the crystal lights and you wear an eye mask and theres relaxing music playing in the headphones. I instantly started to relax I could feel all the tension in my body just leave and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep at one point lol but when my session was over I felt a wave of energy all over my body and in my mind. It was unreal. Already booked my next appointment. Jerry S.

What Are The Benefits?

There is a long list of benefits, although simply put, the Crystal Light Bed can help the body return to homeostasis (perfect balance).  Which is also a parasympathetic state (allows the body to heal itself).

The body in turn can begin many of the healing processes below:

heal pain, release physical or energetic blockages, improve cellular function, repair DNA

  • Relieve Anxiety or racing thoughts
  • Relaxes the body from too much Stress
  • Allows Anger to subside while the left and right brain work in harmony
  • Balances a mind that is in a constant state of Overwhelm
  • Rejuvenates your cells – which allow them to perform at peak potential
  • Variable increases in Clarity, Focus or just feeling Calm
  • Creates positive DNA expression
  • Improves quality of Sleep
  • Helps Autoimmune Disorders
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Helps sinus & migraine issues
  • Detoxifies the cells in your body
  • Balances Ph levels
  • Plus many more benefits
I’ve been to 2 light bed sessions already and ever since I started these sessions I feel more relaxed at work and at home, I’m sleeping better at night, I cant describe the feeling its almost like a bath for your soul. I always leave feeling so renewed. Samantha J.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is a Session?

  • Usually between 20-45 minutes
How Will I Feel Afterward?

That depends…

Many people say they feel calm, relaxed, clear headed (no mental chatter), at peace, grounded, happy, some feel silly, others feel grateful.

Every session is unique, people seem to get exactly what the body needs at that moment.

Why Do People Get Crystal Light Bed Therapy?

People choose to come and have a session for various reasons….

  • Clients love how it helps them relax and refocus their energy
  • Some rave about their newfound ability to sleep soundly throughout the night
  • People mention how much it helps them to calm down in everyday life
  • Others say that it feels like it soothes their soul
How can I reserve a session on the Crystal Light Bed?

Simply click on the link below and you can schedule a time to come in and try it for yourself! Normal rate is $120 but we are currently offering sessions at 40% OFF the normal rate at just $75 for a 1 hour session!

Or give us a call if you have any questions at (562) 567-1930

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