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“He Who Can Master Himself, Can Master The World”

-Armando Perez


Self Help LA is announcing a new Group Coaching course that will begin Tuesday April 4th


Welcome to the Inner Circle where an elite group of our private clients get to experience life on a completely different level!!


Many people have so much more they are capable of creating in life but they just don’t apply themselves, why?


These, and many other questions are answered in this group.


The purpose of the Inner Circle is to step away from the day to day grind and step into a world with like minded people that share the same goals, obstacles or experiences you do.  It’s specifically designed to create an immersive experience in addition to 1:1 coaching.


Here are the Three Levels of Change and their various benefits:


  1. Private Sessions – Confidential 1:1 time with a practitioner
    • Identify blocks that are holding you back
    • Resolve internal conflicts
    • Discover solutions to move forward


  1. Individual Responsibility – Taking ownership of the change
    • Once you’ve learned the proper approach it’s time for implementation
    • That’s on you
    • Building the muscle of resilience in real world scenarios
  1. Group Dynamic – Facilitating change amongst your peers
    • Immersion with others in similar scenarios
    • Seeking out help, guidance and peer accountability
    • Benefiting from the experiences of the group


Our weekly topics will change for each class, we will cover EVERYTHING you can imagine such as:

  • Improving the Quality of your Relationships
  • How to Overcome Negative Emotions
  • What it takes to increase your Finances and Build Wealth
  • Reconnecting with your heart’s center
  • Anger and how to keep it under control
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Discovering your true purpose in life and how to achieve it
  • Beyond goal setting to Goal Getting!
  • Getting your Life Organized
  • Time Management
  • Resolving Internal Conflict and aligning all parts of yourself

And so much more!!



Changing in the group dynamic is where Inner Circle comes in, it is vital to have a support system in the middle of creating changes you’ve never done before.  This is uncharted territory and we need all the support we can get!  

What better place to get it than from people that are going through the exact same thing we are.


  • Do you really think you’re the only one that struggles in your relationship?
  • Think you’re the only person that’s ever faced adversity, or had a troubled childhood? 
  • Do you know how many people feel they’re not living to their full potential?

This is not some dumb ra ra session where we dance on fire and scream in pleasure. Nor is it a crying festival where a bunch of poor saps are lending a hand on your shoulder so you know you have a “shoulder to lean on.”


This is about real people facing tough challenges that are serious about kicking ass and taking their relationships, finances or life to the next level!!


No whiners allowed!!


No one is coming to save you!

No one is going to make it better!

No one is going to live your life for you!


It’s on You.  All of it.  This is your life, you’ve created this way and now it’s time to make it better.  


No fluff.   

 No BS.  

No kumbaya songs.  

Just massive results!  Big decisions!  


And a solid group of people that got your back and will not let you drop the ball when your back is against the wall.


Have you ever been part of a family dynamic that puts family first?

The “no man left behind” mentality.

The type of environment that will NOT allow you to make excuses!?



Here is what you get for only $147/mo

The Inner Circle meets twice a month 

Two 60 minute Zoom sessions per month

An opportunity to learn from our revolving topics

We have a Private Facebook Group where you can interact with other members and continue to learn after hours from the practitioner leading the group as well as the owner of Self Help LA

You will also receive ONE complimentary session on the Crystal Light Bed every month

 This program will be a monthly subscription billed monthly on the same day you joined with the ability to cancel at any time

 Just click on this link and let us know that you’re ready to step up your game and take your life to the next level

Refer a friend or loved one to Inner Circle and receive ONE FREE session with a Practitioner at Self Help!!!

You can also Call us for more information

Call (562) 567-1930 

Text (562) 287-3028 

Email Info@Selfhelp.la


I’ve been coming here with my partner for less than a month and we have already made some drastic changes to our relationship and everyday life is becoming so much more pleasant.  You guys are amazing, thank you so much for your help! Jennifer O.

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