Proof our Methods Work


Hey there, just checking back in with you to see what you thought of the video in the last email.  I’m sure you watched it, right?

I mean after all if you’re expecting to change the future of your life then the least you could do is commit 5 minutes of your time to see what it’s going to take, right?

So if you liked that video in the first email I know you’re going to love this next one!

This video is about a previous client of ours, Jane that came in to work on relationship issues with her current partner.  In her second session she quickly realized that the struggles she was facing had NOTHING to do with her current relationship.

When you watch this video and hear her story I’m sure you can think of someone that has come across an issue similar to this one.

The truth is, as impactful as this experience has been to Jane, we have thousands of people just like her that have created a better life for themselves and their families by coming in here and raising their standards.

It’s a great story and we can’t wait to help you experience some of the same breakthroughs

that so many of our clients have had as well.

If, you’re interested in what our previous clients have to share about their experience with us

you can read what they have to say here.

Listen to what one of our clients had to say about her experience with us:

“I had intermittent depression for over 2 years when I came to Self Help. My practitioner guided me through to help me find my mental dark spots that had been sludging in since my early childhood, then he used professional methods and relieved me of it.
It’s like a psychological detox. Immediately I felt a lot better after my first session. He is very skillful so he can always find the reason to my problems and teaches how to solve them with AND without his help. Every time we met I have great experiences.  I definitely recommend Self Help if you’re looking for real professional help.”

Nuoomy I.