Be Coachable

Hey this is Armando Perez, the founder of Self Help, and I would like to thank you for taking the first step in creating a brighter future for yourself and those close to you.


I want you to know that we are grateful that you entrust us with helping you create a better way of life and we are also excited to start to create this change immediately!


We want you to know that the opportunity to create the life that you expect of yourself exists…and YOU must be willing to step it up and play the game of life at a higher level than ever before.


I’m sending you this quick video to watch BEFORE you come in to your session.

Be Prepared to Change

You’ve been going through this for however many months or years and I’m sure it’s been weighing heavily on you. Your session is an opportunity to start to change all of that!

Not to complain, not to blame anyone, just simply to take charge of the parts that you control and change that.

Be Coachable

We all remember the great Michael Jordan or even Kobe Bryant, they both had the same great coach.  We also know that as amazing as Phil Jackson was as their coach, he was never better at basketball than either one of those all-stars. BUT their coach was able to see the entire game from a completely different perspective and give them feedback and guidance based on what he observed.  If you expect to change anything significant in your life then you must be willing to listen to your coach. 

You are Responsible for Your Change

As great of a team that we have here, no one is in control of your thoughts or actions other than you. Put it this way, I can partner you with the best personal trainer in the world but they are not going to lift the weight for you.

If you took the time to reach out to us, I’m sure whatever issue you are currently facing is a big one.  The weight can be too heavy to bear at times leading to overwhelm, frustration and even procrastination.

Think about how long you have been putting this off, 1 month, 1 year…many people say they’ve been dealing with the same issues for most of their life!  No wonder they’re at the edge, that will drive anyone crazy.

Today that all Stops!  

You must remember why this is so important for you to finally get things in order.  After all, this is your life and I can tell you one thing …there is no other person on this planet that is going to care more about Your life than YOU! It’s time.  Do it for the people close to you, the ones that believe in you.  Even do it for the ones that don’t believe in you just to prove those jerks wrong!

Whatever you do, give it your all.  I mean really take this opportunity to dig deep, deeper than you’ve ever gone before.  No more BS.  No more “I wish I could ______”  – Wishing is for dreamers, RESULTS are for Doers!  I can promise you this, if you give this everything you’ve got, and I mean EVERYTHING! 

Your life will never be the same again

How bad do you want it!?

I am familiar with therapy and self improvement but Self Help definitely delivered above and beyond. You can tell they are passionate about getting to the root of a breakdown and turning it into a breakthrough. Thank you Self Help. Looking forward to my next session.

Marcela G.