Welcome AO Members!!

Hey everyone this is Armando Perez, just wanted to welcome all of you to Self Help Los Angeles.

We have a team of practitioners here with physical offices located in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA and have been in business since 2009.


Just real quick I wanted to share my intention for offering this session to everyone.


I feel really inspired to do more for my own business and this is just one small way I felt that I could contribute to you and your vision.

I am very grateful for the connections I made and look forward to building stronger relationships with you all in the future.


Thank you for trusting us to help and if you have any questions about what we do or how we can help your scenario specifically you can call the office directly and speak with Allie our office manager Mon-Fri 9am-6pm PST

Why We Serve You

For over a decade Self Help LA has been the Industry Leader in the field of Psychological and Behavioral change.

Started in 2009 by our Founder, Armando Perez, he wanted to offer something that seemed so elusive in the traditional field of psychotherapy…


Who We Are & What We Do


For the past decade, Self Help has been the Industry Leader in the field of Psychological and Behavioral change.

Started in 2009 by our Founder, Armando Perez, he wanted to offer something that seemed so elusive in the traditional field of psychotherapy…Results.

What good is talking about a problem if you don’t actually resolve it? The work we do here is drastically different than the traditional psycho therapeutic model (often referred to as talk therapy).


Here, rather than focus on surface level issues we will follow the trail of the emotion/behavior to where it first began in your life.

Whether it began recently or years ago, the issue you are currently facing began somewhere, triggered by something.


This is the “root of the problem” and the continual feeling or thinking pattern that follows is the conditioning of your nervous system to continue following the same destructive pattern.

Whether it be Anxiety, Depression, Anger or a pattern that affects your Relationship.

This is where we begin on Day One.


You’ve basically been “Hard Wired” to Think, Feel and Act the way you do today based on these old outdated programs.


The work we do here is simply like an Update to the Operating System.
Just like your phone or computer, if the system becomes overloaded at some point you must delete some old files, clear the cache, empty the cookies, update the programming and reboot the system.


That’s exactly what we offer here in a private, personable and truly engaging manner.

Your practitioner is not only your confidant, they are your coach, your guide on this journey of discovery helping you navigate the road of life through all the twists and turns and helping to shine the light onto a brighter future.

Our Approach


We utilize a discipline called RESULTS Therapy™ – this is a flexible set of specialized tools to not only help you understand human behavior but also change it.


Our main approach focuses on Neurobiology which is simply how our brain signals affect our thoughts/feelings.


Over time, the same continual feeling or thinking process will eventually create an emotional or behavioral pattern that can either be productive or destructive to your life.

Meet Nancy



 Nancy Rocks

  Certified MHt, MNLP


Nancy is a Certified Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Professional Certified Life Coach , Financial Coach, and holds additional master certifications in Reiki, Ho’oponopono, EFT, Timeline Therapy and Reconnective Healing.

Nancy specializes in helping individuals and couples overcome emotional, mental, behavioral and health challenges. She provides tools and effective techniques to help individuals achieve rapid and permanent results. She helps couples to drastically improve their communication skills, heal from emotional wounds, re-build trust and understand each other on a deeper level.

While being an expert in human behavior Nancy still enjoys learning new innovative and effective tools and techniques that she can introduce to her clients for rapid change.

She has a caring approach in her sessions when working with adults, couples or children and also speaks fluent Spanish.

Nancy has a unique ability to connect with her clients while also providing a direct approach when needed.

She enjoys teaching and utilizes the principles of neuroplasticity to guide her clients on how to effectively use their brain, mind and intuition more effectively.

She incorporates her therapeutic intuition and knowledge of the healing arts to provide clients with additional support for overcoming, stress, anxiety and depression.

On her free time she gives back by teaching classes to improve the quality of your relationships, effective communication, financial literacy, reiki and improving your emotional well being.