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For the past decade Self Help has been the Industry Leader in the field of Psychological and Behavioral change. Started in 2009 by our Founder, Armando Perez, he wanted to offer something that seemed so elusive in the traditional field of psychotherapy…Results.

Hello, I’m Armando Perez

Founder of Self Help

He was shocked at the stories he would hear about people going to therapy or counseling for years and seeing little to no results.

During the time he was discovering what he has now taught the staff at Self Help, Armando was actually utilizing many of these same “mind techniques” with athletes for the purpose of mindset training, peak performance and even accessing parts of the brain that speed up healing during an injury. 

He knew there was a faster, easier way to create lasting results. This way is what he now calls Results Therapy™.

Instead of sitting on a couch and venting about your problems – let’s go back to the beginning.  What started your feeling of resentment – was it a childhood memory? Something at your first job?  Has a relationship gone bad? RESULTS Therapy helps you go back to the root of the problem and identify the neurological “groove” responsible for your behavior. Sometimes we can become trapped in a pattern of talking about our problems and repeating them. Instead, we should focus on tools that help deeply understand human behavior, and consequently, change it. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results… then why do we keep falling into the same behaviors?


Surely there’s got to be a better way!


RESULTS Therapy is a flexible set of specialized tools to deeply understand human behavior and change it. Carrying the same thinking and feeling patterns over time creates a neurological “groove” in your mind, called a neural pathway. These grooves, like a walking trail in the woods that has been carved out over time, change through continual use. Your brain, through persistence, feels a feeling or thinks a series of thoughts and creates a pathway to make it easier for you to find your way back to a feeling and state of mind.

If you are prone to feeling anxious, angry, or worried, these thoughts become easy paths for your brain to follow. Like a man walking the same familiar path from their childhood, many people get stuck in a continual cycle of feeling the same feelings for years. Eventually, we become so used to these paths, that changing our mind and going a different way simply feels unthinkable.

Meet our Team

Wes Lucus

Wes Lucus

Certified MHt, MNLP, MNP

Wes Lucus, MHt, MNLP, MNP has coached couples and individuals around the United States and Canada to help them overcome negative emotions, improve communication, and become their best selves. He has conducted trainings and workshops, and consulted for several businesses in the areas of growth, sales, motivation, and team building.

Over the past 20 years, he has built and sold 2 businesses. He is constantly deepening his understanding of mindset, business, and relationships, having trained with Tony Robbins, Neil Strauss, and several local practitioners. When he’s not working with clients or engaged in a seminar, he’ll likely be found learning even more from books and podcasts.

Wes lives in Orange County, CA with his wife of 17 years, 2 children, and their dog.  He enjoys philosophy, entrepreneurship, any opportunity to explore the unknown, and he draws from a wide range of personal and professional experience to help you make the change you’re looking for.

Christian O.

I was recommended to see Wes and I am glad I did. Wes has been great in helping me get through what I limited myself to. 
I feel a lot better since I started seeing Wes and would recommend him to any one I know and even those I don’t know. 
You have nothing to lose but any self imposed limits.



Certified MHt, MNLP

Nancy is a Certified Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Professional Certified Life Coach , Financial Coach, and holds additional master certifications in Reiki, Ho’oponopono, EFT, Timeline Therapy and Reconnective Healing.

Nancy specializes in helping individuals and couples overcome emotional, mental, behavioral and health challenges. She provides tools and effective techniques to help individuals achieve rapid and permanent results. She helps couples to drastically improve their communication skills, heal from emotional wounds, re-build trust and understand each other on a deeper level.

While being an expert in human behavior Nancy still enjoys learning new innovative and effective tools and techniques that she can introduce to her clients for rapid change.

She has a caring approach in her sessions when working with adults, couples or children and also speaks fluent Spanish.

Nancy has a unique ability to connect with her clients while also providing a direct approach when needed.

She enjoys teaching and utilizes the principles of neuroplasticity to guide her clients on how to effectively use their brain, mind and intuition more effectively.

She incorporates her therapeutic intuition and knowledge of the healing arts to provide clients with additional support for overcoming, stress, anxiety and depression.

On her free time she gives back by teaching classes to improve the quality of your relationships, effective communication, financial literacy, reiki and improving your emotional well being.

Jasmine G.

Absolutely amazing experience so far, thank you Nancy for guiding me every step of the way, I’ve had nothing but great results dealing with my anxiety, I look forward to continuing my therapy with her and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for guidance.

Rafael Lopez

Rafael Lopez

Certified MHt, MNLP

Rafael is a Certified Master NLP Practitioner who assists individuals and couples to overcome any obstacles that are present and holding you from whatever it is you desire. He directs you to the best path in connecting with yourself and others; as well as, creates the most optimal plan to your success.
Working with couples to rekindle their love, helping single people to overcome their anxiety and fear, or working with families to communicate on a much deeper level to bring them together.

Raphael has 20+ years working in the health and wellness industry and provides a wide variety of experience from his many endeavors in helping others change old patterns.
He has coached men and women in the area of relationships and helping them align masculine and feminine energies.  He has worked with teenagers and adolescents through various youth programs including helping create teaching material for the YMCA.

Not only is Rafael a great teacher of change but he is also a great student of it.  In his off time he really does enjoy learning, growing and discovering new ways to positively affect the people in his life.  He is all about the work/life balance and he’s aware at how important it is to have something to do that reignites that passion inside you.
He has a motorcycle he loves to ride on the weekends and can be found on a Sunday afternoon cruising down the coast with the wind in his hair and a smile on his face.

Patrick V.

A session with Rafael feels like a conversation with a good nonjudgmental friend. I felt comfortable saying anything to him. Instead of sitting there and listening to you talk about your problems, Rafael will spend a short amount of time discussing your problems and the majority of the time trying to actually SOLVE whatever issues are troubling you in your life. This place is about action, not talking.

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