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For the past decade Self Help has been the Industry Leader in the field of Psychological and Behavioral change. Started in 2009 by our Founder, Armando Perez, he wanted to offer something that seemed so elusive in the traditional field of psychotherapy…Results.

He was shocked at the stories he would hear about people going to therapy or counseling for years and seeing little to no results. 
During the time he was discovering what he has now taught the staff at Self Help, Armando was actually utilizing many of these same “mind techniques” with athletes for the purpose of mindset training, peak performance and even accessing parts of the brain that speed up healing during an injury. 

He knew there was a faster, easier way to create lasting results. This way is what he now calls Results Therapy™.

Instead of sitting on a couch and venting about your problems – let’s go back to the beginning. What started your feeling of resentment – was it a childhood memory? Something at your first job? A relationship gone bad? RESULTS Therapy helps you go back to the root of the problem and identify the neurological “groove” responsible for your behavior. Sometimes we can become trapped in a pattern of talking about our problems and repeating them. Instead, we should focus on tools that help deeply understand human behavior, and consequently, change it. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results… then why do we keep falling into the same behaviors? Surely there’s got to be a better way. Fortunately, there is. 

RESULTS Therapy is a flexible set of specialized tools to deeply understand human behavior and change it. Carrying the same thinking and feeling patterns over time creates a neurological “groove” in your mind, called a neural pathway. These grooves, like a walking trail in the woods that has been carved out over time, change through continual use. Your brain, through persistence, feels a feeling or thinks a series of thoughts and creates a pathway to make it easier for you to find your way back to a feeling and state of mind. If you are prone to feeling anxious, angry, or worried, these thoughts become easy paths for your brain to follow. Like a man walking the same familiar path from their childhood, many people get stuck in a continual cycle of feeling the same feelings for years. Eventually, we become so used to these paths, that changing our mind and going a different way simply feels unthinkable.

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